Who are we?

Thanks to advanced testing and collaborative groupwork, Effency meets the specific needs of companies. We therefore contribute to creating teams of talents and personalities perfectly complementary, entirely dedicated to the success of the project entrusted to them. 

We are specialists in collaborative work and innovation. We have both worked in a demanding environment: R&D automobile. We have accompanied the creation of multidisciplinary teams, both on an open innovation and on R&D teams building between different companies.

Our belief is that people are much more than they seem to be in a company. Skills alone do not guarantee effective collaboration. We want to move the lines, propose a new model in which everyone is valued as a whole. A promising, value-creating and refreshing model for companies and its collaborators, as well as for its partners and service providers.

Clémence BENOIT-WANG & Frédérique CHABBERT
Founders of Effency